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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> i am kasia madera. the decision to expel all colonel gaddafi's diplomats. -- norway's prime minister said his country will not be cowed by terror. >> emergency food supplies arrived in the somali capital. wait -- with a year to go, the head of the ioc extends an invitation to ask -- athletes. >> broadcasting to viewers from pbs on america. this is "newsday".
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hello and welcome. five months after the uprising after colonel gaddafi's roll, britain has recognized the rebel council as the new government of libya. the u.s., france, and more than 30 other countries have recognized the council. our world affairs editor has this assessment. >> the libyan embassy in central london. a hugely valuable piece of real estate. the siege as usual by a small, ever present group of demonstrators. they were overjoyed by britain's decision to recognize them. this is tripoli where the heart of the city was the green square is decorated with a gigantic portrait of colonel gaddafi
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himself. he has never been a man to shrink from self publicity. britain, which was keenest about bombing libya has decided to cut the last remaining diplomatic links. >> we no longer recognize them as the representatives of the libyan government and we are inviting the national transitional council to appoint a new diplomat to take over the embassy in london. >> britain has joined 29 other countries in recognizing the national transitional council. france did so at the start. germany, turkey, and the u.s. took longer but not as long as britain. russia says recognizing the ntc is taking sides in a civil war but agrees colonel gaddafi must go. china says the ntc is an important dialogue partner. in britain, a new set of
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diplomats. >> the u.k. and the national transocean council can conduct normal relationships what governments do. >> from tripoli, defiance. >> they are flogging a dead horse. the rebels will not benefit from this. >> britain has courted the ntc from the start. why has it taken so long to cut the last diplomatic ties with the good of the regime? -- gaddafi's regime? for now, the rebels are not getting anywhere very fast. in the east, they have read captured -- recaptured brega and broken out of misrata but not have -- has not done much since then. big advances have been made in the mountains south of tripoli.
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the rebels are 60 miles away. that group is separate from the rest and they believe nato does not want them to enter tripoli for the time being. another pro-khaddafi demonstration in tripoli on state tv tonight. with leaders voiced little loudspeakers pretty promises of them the fighting and sacrifices will continue until the west is defeated. they have got to make the sacrifices. britain and the others hope they will soon get sick of it. >> we have an expert who has been analyzing the membership of the transitional council later. do stay with us for that. in other news, norway's prime minister has set up an independent commission to look into events during the bomb attack and mass shooting. it will examine the killing of 70 people and the role of the
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police who have been accused of responding too slowly. >> he made his bomb and planned his massacre. the army get ready to get ready -- are getting ready to destroy his explosives. the bombing and the slaughter on the island will be the subject of an inquiry and the failings by the authorities will be investigated. >> there are many reasons for having this commission. i want to have a complete overview and a map of what happened. i think it is important for the families and all those affected that this is complete. today, more survivors started telling us stories. was there a time when you thought you were not going to survive? >> yes. >> he came close to you? >> yes. >> are you through the worst of it or is the worst still to
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come? >> the worst of it will be the remains. it will be hard to go to the funerals and meet the families. i think it will be hard to one day wake up and realize we have to get back to life, get to work and tried to function as normal. -- try to function as normal. >> she left the island two hours before the shootings. she wants to stress her pride in norway's multiculturalism and the tolerance. >> my story says a lot about opportunities that norway gives to all youngsters. >> including muslim youngsters. >> including muslims. >> in how many countries can you become a parliamentarian at the age of 28? norway is the land of opportunity for people with all sorts of backgrounds. >> the building, scarred by the
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bombing is starting to be patched up. the physical damage in oslo will take months to repair. the government is warming -- warning some buildings will have to be repaired. most same -- seems certain it is their strong shared values which will get them through the next difficult days and weeks. >> there are more market jitters over america's debt crisis. what has been happening? >> that is right. politicians in washington, d.c. are engaged in a standoff over how to cut the country's budget over spending. in asia that you have markets in negative territory from south korea and japan, sigatoka -- singapore. after u.s. equities suffered their worst trading session in eight weeks. lackluster earnings and weak economic data at impacting
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investor sentiment. already very nervous about faltering defaults in washington. the dow jones industrial average ending down 1.6%. the nasdaq lower by 2.7%. in currencies, the dollar is in positive ground. rallying due to a pullback in gold prices. as for oil, down as well. data shows more crude in stock. the two main parties are still no nearer a compromise. >> if you look at the two rival proposals to break the stalemate, they're not that dissimilar. republicans are proposing spending cuts of over $1 trillion in return for a short- term lifting of the debt ceiling. democrats proposing $2.20 trillion in cuts in return for longer term lifting of the debt ceiling which would not be issued until the next presidential election. the proposals are reasonably similar on paper.
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on -- in practice there is a huge amount of politics on this. what we expect on thursday is the house of representatives to vote first on this issue come on the proposal put forward by the republicans who control the house of representatives. they should get their proposal through the house but there has been some opposition to it from rank-and-file republicans. we remain to see whether the republican leadership will get its proposal through the house of representatives and everything will continue from there. >> an operation to airlift emergency applies into somalia is under way. this is the first of 10 being carried out by the united nations world group program in response to the severe drought which is ravaging the horn of africa. tons of nutritional supplements are being transferred to my condition at -- mogadishu. >> the >> supervisor chu:, 10
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tons of food for severely malnourished children in somalia. airlifting is expensive but it is a race against time. we will be bringing in a total of 100 tons within the next few days and i believe 80 will be going to mogadishu where it will be distributed at centers to malnourished children there. the world food program said the first airlift's will feed 3.5000 children but given the scale, this is a drop in the ocean. the drought has hit so hard, parts of the south, over one- third of children are severely malnourished. agencies say with some of the children in a precarious situation, there's a danger disease could break out.
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russians have been cut in recent months. there is a massive fund raisgra. the usomalians say the un have been too slow. delicate can to -- negotiations continue. the severe drought and food shortage were predicted last year. in somalia, people cannot wait for the aid to reach them. war and hunger are driving more than 1000 somalis into kenya into the refugee camps. the arduous journey takes its toll on the week. the latest victim of the drought was laid to rest in the camp. >> you're watching "newsday".
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still to come on the program. as the world moves to marginalize colonel gaddafi, we look at the names and faces that will make up libyas next government. >> where they 2012 olympics have been -- this is a race to the finish line. >> torrential rain described as the worst in a century has killed at least 28 people. the capital has been one of the worst hit areas. >> seoul submerged. the worst rains south korea has seen in the century and look at the results. streets impassible. undergrounds stations closed. this is the daily commute to work.
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with the sudden rain, the streets are flooded. it is hard to get around. in this summer it's stopped raining. the weather has left its mark. this is the aftermath of money -- many mudslides. soldiers from the south korean army have been drafted in. the cleanup operations have begun. for local people, it is too early to think of rebuilding. >> there are some money destroyed homes including my house and a loss of lives. we were so desperate, we cannot imagine how we can recover. >> this misery is not overreact. forecasters say the rain will continue until friday.
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>> a cargo plane has crashed into the sea of south korea near an island. it was found by coast guard patrol boats. the pilot and co-pilot were killed. it is understood the boeing 747 experienced technical difficulties and was returned to the airport. >> this is "newsday". >> i am kasia madera in london. the headlines. libya has condemned the decision to expel colonel gaddafi's diplomats after recognizing the transitional council as the new government. >> an inquiry into friday's deadly attacks and said his country will not be cowed by terrorists. >> every it happen hearing,
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britain has joined those countries to recognize libya's rebel transitional council as the country's new government. let's get reaction to this with an analyst. he has been researching the profiles and background of the rebels and the mumbles -- members of the transitional council, joining us from washington. explain, there is a very complicated situation but explain to us the members of the transitional council. >> the leadership of the council is made of three main elements. people who have been living in opposition to the regime inside libya perhaps at great personal sacrifice for them and their families for years and have earned the right to represent the rebels and there are members of the regime who are affected. there are expatriates, people who have fled libya, sometimes for decades and have been successfully -- successful who
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are returning to help the cause. all these elements are big parts and it seems to be working relatively well. as the council expands and grows. >> what do you make of the chairmen, he was libya's justice minister. will he be accepted by the people as a former member of the regime? >> most of the people i talk to say the same thing. he is known as the anti- khaddafi. colonel gaddafi is more charismatic and flamboyant. he is seen as none of these things. he is a technocrat. he has been successful so far in rallying most of the rebels but he is not viewed as someone who wants to maintain control or serve as a top leader in the next iteration of the libyan government. he is a transitional figure and seems comfortable. we're expecting him to be
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successful in this transitional period and hand over power to what ever comes next. >> we have been hearing that britain has recognized the tnc. the next up is to get you in recognition. >> exactly. we have had a steady stream of recognitions. the u.s. government a couple weeks ago. these are incremental positive steps in the right direction as far as the rebels are concerned. there is not a lot of money that is released by the recognition of the british government or the u.s. government. the great majority of the gaddafi funds, over $30 billion by some estimates is frozen by u.n. sanctions, applying to the rebels and the gaddafi regime. the sanctions have to be amended or figured out in some legal fashion and the only logical way to do that is to keep recognition by the -- seek recognition by the un. that is the main goal and that drive is strengthened by the recognition by major countries. >> we will leave it there.
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thanks for your insight. thousands of people have gathered in trafalgar square in london for the opening ceremony of the london olympics. the last of the major venues to be completed was open. the report on a day that has been a showcase of the organizers achievement and look ahead to challenges that still remain. >> it was here six years ago that london celebrated its surprise victory in the race for the 2012 olympics. tonight, trafalgar square was the setting for another party. this time to mark the 12th month countdown to the opening ceremony. >> with a year to go, it is on time, it is on budget, the great stadium is finished. the aquatics center is finished. the velodrome is finished. i believe this can be a great advertisement for country. >> there was actually an
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official purpose to today's festivities. >> according to tradition, i invite the athletes of the world to participate in london one year from today. good luck, london. [cheers and applause] >> earlier during a visit to the aquatics center, i asked he dss -- how he assessed progress so far. >> there is one year to go, one year in which we will learn a lot and also the operational readiness will be polished and rehearsed. i am an optimistic and happy man. >> they have completed the first dive. at this time next year it will not be an exhibition.
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this could be judged by the number of medals britain's athletes when in venues like this. >> it is incredible. it will be awesome next year. >> britain's team will be under huge pressure to deliver. record levels of -- of money are being pumped into the driver of success -- for success. 70 million pounds was invested to deliver 30 metals. but beijing, the team's budget grew 2 to 1 35 million but that was repaid with 47 medals. the question now, whether that cash will be turned into gold. here is what the athletes will be aiming for. the biggest and heaviest medals in the history of the summer olympics. there are still problems which
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could take the shine off the games. the capital's transport structure is under greater pressure than the team and the recent turmoil at the top of the metropolitan police will add to the concerns over security, despite that, the mayor is typically bullish. >> we will be ready. the taxis will be ready, the theaters will be ready. the buses will be ready. complete with a new hot on, hop off feature. the bicycles, the bicycles will be ready. the olympic venues are already some ready we might as well call a snap olympics tomorrow. >> rousing stuff. london needs to be careful. not to celebrate too soon. >> reporting on the london olympics. one of the great classical music voices of the east has been performing on one of the great classical stages of the west. tell us more.
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>> that is right. you have the widely regarded south indian vocalist, seeking to create a larger following. she made her debut at the royal albert hall in london. >> it takes years to learn this music. maybe 15 years of intimate apprenticeships with your girl. -- guru. that is the kind of training in need to have.
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>> the artist can choose within the virtues of artistic material that is available to him or her. to focus on the intellectual or emotional or they routed and folksy and other elements. to do this in one concert. i concentrate on the emotions and to the end of my concerts', i do something that represents the local -- focal points. are more sophisticated 00 -- ora more sophisticated raga. one is constantly learning. when i met my guru, i have
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learned 115 pieces when i was 10. and that i was taught more than that over the next 15 years. even now, on every concert, i am trying to learn something new or re-interpret something that is all done -- into my own way of doing it. ♪ if i look at my own limited experience of one lifetime so far as an artist, i am performing at the carnegie hall in new york or at paris or that they whirl albert hall, that is enough proof that people are happy to experience new kinds of music even in a classical idiom.
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it is like food. people more than earlier now have a taste for different types of food. you can go to a battalion or korean or thai restaurant. it is time for people to listen to the -- to music in the same spirit. ♪ >> you have been watching "newsday". >> i am kasia madera in london. the libyan government headed by colonel gaddafi has condemned britain's decision to expel its diplomats from london and to recognize the role transitional national council. much more on that on our website. from london and singapore, goodbye. thanks for watching "newsday".
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>> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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